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Microquel® Broiler 8 in 1 Px

Organic microelements chelated and protected with methionine for broiler chickens.

Aves de Corral

Each 100 g contains: Iron (iron-AHM *) 3,000 mg, zinc (zinc-AHM *) 4,000 mg, copper (copper-AHM *) 1,000 mg, manganese (manganese-AHM *) 4,000 mg, iodine 50 mg, cobalt (cobalt-AHM *) 20 mg, selenium (selenium-AHM *) 30 mg; chromium (chromium-AHM *) 20 mg, methionine (AHM *) 32,000 mg; excipients q.s.p. 100 g, (*) Hydroxy-Methionine analog.


Microquel® Broiler 8 in 1 Px is a balanced formula that combines 8 essential microelements associated with methionine in the form of AHM *, a link that gives them superior performance by giving them the property of being organic and keeping intact even the small intestine where it will increase bioavailability and will be easily absorbed into the bloodstream and finally transported to tissues and organs for use. Organic chelation with AHM * protects minerals from unwanted reactions in the intestine; the release and passive absorption through the intestinal lumen are exceptionally improved with respect to inorganic minerals.

Dosage and Administration

From 1 to 1.6 kg / MT of food or according to the indication of the veterinarian / nutritionist.

Commercial Presentation

Pote x 1 Kg,

SENASA Registry

SENASA Perú: A.36.01.N.0060